terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011

Imperative - Imperativo

Imperativo Afirmativo

* É formado pelo infinitivo sem a partícula to. O sujeito (YOU) fica subentendido.

Exemples:     Eat your sandwich!
                    Read the book!
                    Bring me a chair!

Imperativo Negativo

* É formado pelo auxiliar do + not = don't

Exemples:     Do not (don't) eat your sandwich!
                    Do not (don't) read the book!
                    Do not (don't) bring me a chair!


1. Complete the sentences with the imperative forms in the box, as adequate. 

Let’s eat
let’s get out  
don’t smoke
let’s go
do not destroy
don’t eat 
don’t   waste  

1. The tree is your friend. __________ it.
2. Be a friend of the Earth. __________ the planet.
3. Water is precious. __________ it.
4. This is no-smoking section. Please __________ here.
5. It’s a beautiful day. __________ to the beach.
6. Fruit and vegetables are good for our health. __________ lots of them.
7. Junk food is not good for you. __________ that!
8. Emperor penguins are in danger. __________ them!
9. It’s hot in here. __________ and have a glass of water.

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